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Child Custody Law


Child Custody Law – Intervention and Enforcement by Police and Sheriffs

By Kevin Smith

This one-hour seminar examines officers’ proper role in child custody interventions. Emphasis is on Senate Bill 53 and its impact on G.S. § 50A-311, “Warrant Directing Law Enforcement To Take Immediate Physical Custody of Child Subject To A Child Custody Order.” Additional segments address non-custody-order interventions (e.g., “my mother-in-law won’t return my daughter!”) plus key liability avoidance strategies and miscellaneous legal points (“This Order wasn’t signed by a judge from my county!” & “This Order is just a fax!” & “This Order lacks a time stamp from the Clerk …and so forth).   The seminar video concludes with review questions and a basic exam. Officers completing the video receive a downloadable training certificate.



Please set aside 1.5 hours to complete this course.


Course Content

Total learning: 2 lessons