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Coming Soon!

Child Custody Training Course is coming soon. Please check back later.

Child Custody Law ($79.00)

One-hour seminar examines officers’ proper role in child custody interventions.

COMING SOON: Real Estate Law for Police (...and Magistrates!)

A survey treatment of real estate concepts essential for law enforcement decision-making: Can Lisa “throw Mike out” of her apartment tonight? What is the proper role of the officer? Is it trespass, or is it an eviction? What is a lease? (versus “residence” and “domicile” – are they even relevant?). How is a lease different from a real estate “license” (grant of permission)? How does an officer determine the existence of a “verbal” lease? What are legal requirements for basic contract formation? How does the eviction process work? How can I avoid making improper referrals to the evictions clerk? Are subleases valid? Can a landlord “ban” a tenant’s unruly visitors? What about “members of the household?” Where are actual statutes that govern these issues? What are essential risk-management strategies?