What We Do

Our Services and Expertise Includes:

  • Warrantless entry and search
  • Vehicle searches, consent searches, crime scene searches, general Fourth Amendment jurisprudence
  • Probable cause and protection against false arrest
  • Application and execution of search warrants
  • Homeland Security legal issues
  • Nontestimonial identification orders and eyewitness identification procedures
  • Service and enforcement of domestic violence protective orders
  • Interrogation, Miranda, and Sixth Amendment right to counsel
  • Police canine - admissibility and liability
  • Juvenile law and procedure
  • Jail/detention center legal issues
  • Police Negligence and "Public duty doctrine" issues
  • Substantive criminal law - elements and interpretation
  • Use of force
  • Civil Process, evictions, prejudgment remedies and writs of execution
  • Fire scene searches and use of administrative inspection warrants
  • Public records law, personnel law, fitness for duty and First Amendment legal issues
  • Drug interdiction and proper use of anticipatory search warrants
  • Special search authority during emergencies and riots
  • Service of involuntary commitment orders
  • State and federal tort liability risk management
  • Real-time consultation concerning the latest state and federal court rulings and legislative enactments
  • Over forty years of experience in law enforcement classroom instruction and case consultation for North Carolina Sheriffs and Chiefs, their administrators and command staff, patrol officers and civil process deputies, homicide, arson, sex crimes, narcotics and juvenile investigators, traffic enforcement and canine officers, SRO, SWAT, detention personnel and telecommunicators

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