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Please note: Smith Rodgers tries to delete legal updates once they are no longer good law. However, we cannot guarantee that all of the items on this page have not been superceded by legal changes since the time that they were written. Care should be taken to ensure that the law has not changed before relying on a legal update written years ago.

2018 Legal Updates:

State v. Hamilton: When "Everything" Includes "Something" Which Seemed Like "Nothing" State v. Myers McNeil: When Reasonable Suspicion Evaporates State v. Mitchell: Consent to Enter and Photo Lineups State v. Frederick: Issues with Controlled Purchases Through a Middleman Entering a House to Make a Warrantless Arrest State v. Smith: Protective Sweeps and Plain View The Bird is the Word: The Arrival of Electric Scooters State v. Rogers: Maintaining a Vehicle State v. Mercer: Justification for Possession of Firearm By Felon In re T.T.E.: Famous Chair Throws of History 2018 Legislative Summary Carpenter v. U.S.: CSLI Warrants State v. Sutton: The Wascally Wabbit Case Collins v. Virginia: Searching Vehicle in Curtilage Without a Warrant Byrd v. United States: Unauthorized Rental Car Drivers State v. Terrell: The Private Search Doctrine State v. Chekanow: Constructive Possession State v. Coley: Proving Intent to Sell or Deliver D.C. v. Wesby: Problems with Probable Cause at Peaches' Party State v. Reed: Ping-Pong, Pit Bulls, and Patrol Cars State v. Fuller: New Year, Same Old Nekkid Truth

2017 Legal Updates:

Extending Non-Traffic Stops NC Supremes on Extending Traffic Stops Vehicle Searches Drive Casual: Spinning Tires and Reasonable Suspicion Droning On and On (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Blarin', Revvin', Screechin', & Fishtailin' The Gang Suppression Act 2017 Sausage Report (Legislative Review), Part Two 2017 Sausage Report (Legislative Review), Part One Places Sex Offenders May Not Go Exigency for Blood Draws, Burris Part Two Custody for Miranda Purposes, Burris Part One Successful Interdiction in a Post-Rodriguez World Hot Pursuit State v. Huddy: The Unconstitutional Good Deed A Gant Search Update More Cases on Extending Traffic Stops When a Suspect's Falsehood Can Help Your Case Does Armed=Dangerous? State v. Burton

2016 Legal Updates:

Half-Baked Ideas Connect the Dots Establishing the Reliability of a Tip The LEO's Role at the Polls Drug Transactions and Reasonable Suspicion A Quick Custodial Interrogation Update Too Drunk for Implied Consent State v. Pigford: Hold Your Nose 2016 Sausage Report, Part Two 2016 Sausage Report, Part One Birchfield v. North Dakota Two Odd Traffic Stop Cases Extending Traffic Stops, Part Two Extending Traffic Stops, Part One Blood From an Unconscious Defendant How To Tell When You're Not Welcome Strip Searches Can Get Hairy Trespass v. Eviction Refresher Bail Bondsmen in North Carolina CRITICAL 4th CIRCUIT TASER CASE memo

2015 Legal Updates:

The Value of Human Intelligence Protective Sweeps & Probation Maintaining a Dwelling for Keeping/Selling Controlled Substances The Right to Have a Parent Present Vehicle Search Based on Warrant For Home 2015 Sausage Report, Part Three (Show-ups, DNA Samples, and More) 2015 Sausage Report, Part Two (Traffic and Other Laws You Need to Know) 2015 Changes to Firearms Law 2015 Sausage Report, Part One (Sex, Drugs, Graffiti, and Theme Park Rides) Step By Step Through the Fourth Amendment Good Samaritan Law Gets Some Help Walking Away All Over Again State v. Leak The Mysterious BB Gun The Search of an Old-School GPS Device Rodriguez v. United States Searching for Alcohol Incident to Arrest Plain View Revisited Getting Video Into Evidence Notifying Parents When Child Misbehaves The "Ziploc" Defense at Checkpoints Vehicles That Try to Evade You A Brief Look at RDO Charges

2014 Legal Updates:

2013 Legal Updates:

2012 Legal Updates:

2011 Legal Updates:

2010 Legal Updates:

2009 Legal Updates:

2008 Legal Updates:

The Little Rascals: The Street Gang Suppression Act of 2008 Cardboard Castles: The Homeless and the 4th Amendment How To Get Out Of Going To Court Crack House Customer Stops: Reasonable suspicion Misdemeanor Arrests Drunks Drive The Best Cars: DWI Vehicle Seizures 10 Commandments of Testifying

Most Requested Legal Updates Pre-2008:

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