Legal Updates

SR is pleased to provide these no-cost legal materials designed to assist you in keeping up to date with recent changes in the law or reviewing basic legal concepts. The materials will be of interest to anyone in law enforcement. The brief training presentations may be downloaded in PDF format and copied as needed.

Legal Update Topics will include relevant, up-to-date legal subject matter such as laws of arrest, search & seizure, criminal offenses, civil liability, Miranda, canine issues, and other topics of interest to North Carolina's law enforcement community. If you have a topic you would like to suggest for Roll Call, please contact us at 336.691.7058 or via the contact page on this website.

SR welcomes guest contributor Brian Beasley to our legal update page. Brian is the legal advisor for the High Point Police Department and publishes frequent legal updates for his officers. He has graciously agreed to share some of his updates for this page and he apologizes for those portions that are specific to High Point, including the inside jokes. Find out more about Brian by reading his bio here.

Notice to Site Visitors: Smith Rodgers has become aware that our web-based legal materials are occasionally being accessed by persons who do not always have the best interests of law enforcement in mind. It has never been our intention to have free legal training aids used in a manner contrary to their purpose . Effective July 1, 2012, these materials are available only for clients of the firm, those police agencies with an active annual contract for 24/7 consultation services. For more information on becoming a client of Smith Rodgers, please call (336) 691-7058.

Click below to download a PDF of the latest SR legal update:

Past Issues

"The materials on this website are instructional only, and do not constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship. Readers should consult in-house counsel or city/county attorneys for advice and guidance on specific legal issues and applications. Clients of SR&S may of course contact the firm's 24-hour switchboard for immediate legal consultation in real-time."

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